Intel Iris Pro 6200

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Im Vergleich zur 940M kam die Unterstützung für GDDR5 hinzu. Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200: Schnelle integrierte Prozessorgrafik (GT3e), welche in einigen Broadwell-CPUs (forty seven Watt TDP) verbaut wird.

however Intel has packed every of the CPUs with an Iris Pro 6200 included GPU, 6MB of L3 cache and a whopping 128MB of L4 cache. Otherwise known with the aid of its codename, Crystal Well, that huge 128MB L4.

Since the NUC6i7KYK has Intel modern-day Iris Pro 580 pictures, I decided to add in some tests and retest some gaming benchmarks in addition to run a few benchmarks with the previous Iris Pro 6200.

Gigabyte BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-5775 (rev. 1.Zero) – Ultra Compact PC Kit – Core i7 5775R three.3 GHz – 0 GB Specs – Gigabyte BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-5775 (rev. 1.Zero) – Ultra Compact PC Kit – Core i7 5775R 3.Three GHz – 0 GB-BXi7-5775 (rev. 1.0).