Computer Randomly Shuts Down

After the five seconds, my computer shuts down. I wait about ten seconds and try to boot it up. It starts back up for about 1 second, then shuts itself off again. If I keep trying to turn it back on,

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his screen went black. His computer had silently and suddenly shut itself down without warning. Abdelrhman was confused. The game.

your computer will freeze and shut down to save itself from damage. Think back to the time right before the dreaded BSoD appeared — your fan probably was running fast and loud, and your case was.

Your computer may also be overheating Have you gotten the blue screen of death? Maybe your computer randomly shuts down. During a clean and tune, your technician will remove dust and dirt from inside.

‘Scorching-hot hacked computer burned my hand’ – His computer had silently and suddenly shut itself down without warning. Abdelrhman was confused. The game he was playing had never caused problems before. He reached down and looked inside his.

im running windows xp home edition. So i can be playing a game or searching the inter net and my computer shuts downs and restarts by it self? I just dont get it i ran virus scans and spyware , not a.

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Please help! My windows xp shuts down automatically – Hello, I have a major problem with my Win Xp Professional. Every time I enter the Internet, windows shuts my computer automatically within a minute. The message presented is as the following: "This.

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Usually, malware slows down PC performance by replicating itself across all sorts of different files and folders, clogging up the computer’s memory, and it can even prevent Windows from shutting.