How To Check Pc Specs Windows 10

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to update drivers in Windows 10. But first, you need to understand exactly what a driver is. Essentially, it’s a piece of software that allows your computer’s.

Windows 10 PCs or Chromebook battery life disappoints? This is how Intel plans to fix it – Intel has shed light on Project Athena, the codename for its years-long plan to deliver more efficient Windows 10 and.

life left in the PC. Read More Key to Intel’s new specifications is.

If it’s been longer since you upgraded, or you performed a clean install of Windows 10 (or bought a PC with Windows 10 preinstalled.

and download the ISO. Now check out our how to install.

Use Ps3 Controller On Ps4 And if you simply prefer the feel of Sony’s older controllers over the redesigned Dualshock 4, this is the perfect controller for playing those classic Final Fantasy games on Steam. Here’s the best way to get your PS3 controller working on PC using an open source tool called ScpToolkit. Jul 02, 2014  · After downloading the

But, there are plenty of reasons you might need to activate Windows 10. If you’ve built your own PC with the best processor.

You’ll be able to check whether Windows has activated using your.

If you’re a consumer, there’s really no option but to upgrade to Windows 10.

whether your PC uses a spinning hard drive or SSD. Once the process completes, it’s time to check on the.

You’ve heard all the hype and for once it holds true: Windows 10 is really rather good, and that means millions of users will be eager to take advantage of Microsoft.

Windows 10 is.

click ‘Check for Updates’ to access your settings. If a major update is available, then make sure to save and back up your personal data before continuing. Your PC may need.

So, for TechRadar’s PC Gaming.

game work in Windows 10, and benefit from modern conveniences like HD resolutions, unlocked framerates, DirectX support and so on, you should check to see if.

This Microsoft site will help you choose your next Windows 10 PC – Usage: Everyday Home use, Work, School, and PC Gaming Performance: Here, you choose options for high performance.